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Non Edible Oil Product Seller in India

State City:
Seller : Binod Oil Mills
Sourav Sanghi
Kolkata - West Bengal

We are manufacturer of Coconut Oil & supplier of all types of edible & non edible Oils.
0 Rating
Seller : Manoj Kumar Sanjay Kumar
Rajat Gupta
Hissar - Haryana
We are broker, trader of Palm Acid Oil & Exporter of Maize.
0 Rating
Seller : Shree Udyog
Shree Kumar Jain
Kanpur - Uttar Pradesh

We are trader of soyabean oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, mahuva oil, neem oil, jatropha oil, cotton oil & ratanjoth oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Bhuwaneshwar Refineries Pvt.Ltd
Harish Punshi
Amravati - Maharashtra

Mrf. of Soyabena oil , Cotton seed Oil , Rice Bran oil & We buy Soyabean crude oil, cotton crude oil & rice bran crude oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Pranav Agro
Kishore Batra
Mumbai - Maharashtra

We deal in All Type Of Edible & Non-Edible Oils & Fatty Acids. Agro Oils RICE BRAN FATTY ACID POTASSIUM CARBONATE RAPESEED/MUSTARD OIL ACID SLURRY/LABSA REFINED SOYA OIL COTTON SEED OIL REFINED PALM OIL REFINED COCONUT OIL LINSEED OIL MOWRAH OIL OLEIC ACID/DISTILLED FATTY ACID KUSUM OIL KARANJIA OIL NEEM OIL CAUSTIC POTASH Fatty Acids Distilled & Distillate Palm Fatty Acid Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Castor Fatty Acid (Recinolic acid) Coconut Fatty Acid Soyabean Fatty Acid Acid Oils Soyabean Acid Oil Rice Bran Acid Oil Sunflower Acid Oil Coconut Acid Oil Mixed Acid Oil Palm Kernel Acid Oil Edible Oils (For Industrial Use Only) Palmolin Oil Rice Bran Oil Soyabean Oil Rapseed Oil Sunflower Oil Mustard Oil Cottonseed Oil Linseed Oil Coconut Oil Groundnut Oil Non Edible Oils Karanjia Oil. Coconut Oil. (Yellow) Mowrah (Mahuwa) Oil Coconut Oil. (White) Groundnut Oil Neem Oil Soyabean Degummed Oil Castor Oil Commercial Raw Sunflower Oil B.S.S. Castor Oil Other Products Stearic Acids. Parafin waxes HCO (Hydrogenated Castor Oil) Hydrocarbon wax DCO (Dehydrated Castor Oil) Soya Gums Oil Caustic Soda Flakes Sunflower Waxes Glycerine Mix Oil (Subjective) Soap Noodles.
0 Rating
Seller : Shivnath Udyog
Mr. Pankaj
Rajnandgaon - Chattisgarh

We manufacture Acid oil and Soap.
We trade in Mahua oil, Mahua solvent & extraction oil, Palm fatty, Rice fatty, Wax & Acid oil.
3 Rating
Seller : Link International
Nirav Vira
Mumbai - Maharashtra

We supply Acid Oil In Tanker Load, We supply RBD Palmolein Oil, Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil High Oleic Contain, Refined Cottonseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Til oil in Drum Packing. We supply Vegetable Wax In Bags, We supply Residue in Tanker Load, We supply Industrial Perfume In drum packing.
We are traders of Edible-Oil , Non_edible Oil, Soap Scrap, Industrial Perfume , Vegetable Wax.
4 Rating
Seller : Krishna Oil Industries
Dhirubhai jadav
Junagadh - Gujarat

We manufacturer cotton seed oil, refined cotton seed oil & cotton seed cake.
2 Rating
Seller : Dhan Luxmi Enterprises
Amit Sharma
Kurukshetra - Haryana

We manufacture Soya fatty, Coconut fatty, Sunflower Fatty, Rice Fatty & Fatty Acids.
We buy Acid Oil.
2 Rating
Seller : Shankar Soya Products
Mr. Deepesh
Indore - Madhya Pradesh

We manufacture Soya Lecithin Food Grade, Feed Grade, Industrial Grade, Soya Lecithin Powder, Soya Lecithin Oil, Malt Extract etc.
3 Rating
Seller : Rajesh Chemicals
JB Rajesh
Chittoor - Andhra Pradesh

Deals in non edible oils,
3 Rating
Seller : M.K Corporation
Ajay Bhayani
Bhavnagar - Gujarat

We supply Palm Fatty, Acid Oil, Soap Stock, Cotton Merrol & Soap Raw Materials.
1 Rating
Seller : Sun Agri Export Co.
Suraj Patel
Ahmedabad - Gujarat

We are Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Castor Seed Oil & Cotton Oil.
1 Rating
Seller : Jatin Traders
Abhishek Mittal
Bulandshehar - Uttar Pradesh
We are Mfrs. & Refiners Of Groundnut Oil, Cotton oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil & Soap & Buyer of Oilseeds.
We are Mfrs. & Refiners Of Groundnut Oil, Cotton oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil & Soap & Buyer of Oilseeds.
We buy Oil seeds.
2 Rating
Seller : Pradip Agrotech Pvt Ltd
Narayan Waghmode
Solapur - Maharashtra
We are Mfrs. Of Castor oil, Cottonseed oil, Neem oil & Karanji Oil
We are Mfrs. Of Castor oil, Cottonseed oil, Neem oil & Karanji Oil.
1 Rating
Seller : Subhlaxmi Agro Oils Pvt. Ltd.
Ritesh Agarwal
Kolkata - West Bengal
The Company was established in 2010 with the purpose of bridging the demand & supply gap in particular industry. We are manufacturers of Spent Oil that is consumed by Soap Industry.
1 Rating
Seller : R T International
Shiv Kumar Shah
Kolkata - West Bengal
We Importer of Palm Acid Oil, Coconut Acid Oil, Palm Kernal Fatty Acid etc.
0 Rating
Seller : K B Trades
Manmohan Manocha
Karnal - Haryana
We are Traders of Acid Oil, Palm Fatty, Crude Glycrine, Spent Acid Oil, Refined Glycrine, Rice Fatty Acid, Soya Acid Oil & Recovered Oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Krishna HC Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Satish
Ahmedabad - Gujarat

We Manufacture petrochemicals products and we are having various kinds of burning fuel oils for different segments like Road Construction, Ceramics, Boilers & Burners, Agriculture fuel. We are also engaged in manufacturing of modified Wax and Industrial lubricants for domestic market. We deals in acid oil, alcohol bottom, bio-diesel, acid oil, semi acid oil, pitch oil, residue oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Adani Wilmar Ltd.- Kutch
Mr. Anil Dave
Kutch - Gujarat
Mfrs. of All Edible Oils Like Sunflower Oil, Cottonseed, Groundnut Oil, Palmolien Oil, Soya Oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Adani Wilmar Ltd.- Neemuch
Anjani Singh
Neemuch - Madhya Pradesh
1 Rating
Seller : JMD oils Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. K.K.Goyal
Gandhidham - Gujarat
The factory in Gujarat is setup in 150 acres land and is one of the largest edible oil refining facility. It can process 400 MT each of Soybean Oil and Palm Oil per day along with 400 MTPD Palm Oil Fractionation and 250 MTPD Hydrogenation facility in one single location that is strategically located 35km from the Kandla port in the Kutch district of Gujarat.
0 Rating
Ahmedabad - Gujarat
0 Rating
Seller : Aspam Petronergy Private Limited
Haroon Kuraishi
Delhi - Delhi
We are one of the leading importer exporter in india for last 20 years and doing export & import business. We deal in all type of petroleum products like base oil,bitumen, fuel oil,used oil,rubber processing & Palm Faty Acid and Acid Oil.
0 Rating
Seller : Shree Western G & C Industry
Ahmedabad - Gujarat
We are dealing in pungent and non-pungent mustard oil and sesame oil (Til) both by cold process (kachi ghani) and hot process (expllers),castor oil and coconut oil are the other products of company. All its products are marketed in brand name "APPU" all over Gujarat & Mumbai. All the products are approved by Govt. AGMARK.
3 Rating
Seller : Royal Agro Green Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Rupesh Jadhav
Mumbai - Maharashtra
We were incepted in the year 2000, with an objective to become world�s largest exporter of agro products. Products We Offer: Indian Rice, Food Grains, Indian Spices, Sugar, Jaggery, Indian Pulses, Milk Powder, Ethanol Derivatives, Cattle Feed & Poultry Feed.
1 Rating
Seller : Neshiel Chemical Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Dewang Shah
Ahmedabad - Gujarat
We Are Exporter & Broker Of Refined Corn Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Maize Germs, Maize Husk, Expeller Corn Oil, Crude Rice Bran Oil, We are one of the leading Supplier of Vegetable Oil & Industrial Chemicals.
1 Rating
Seller : Dinesh Sales Corporation
Mr. Dinesh N. Lulla
Mumbai - Maharashtra
We are leading dealers of All types of Non - Edible Oils, Acid Oils, Fatty Acids All types of Non-Edible Oils, Soap Oils, Acid Oils, Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives.
0 Rating
Seller : Ayyappa Traders
Chennai - Tamil Nadu
We are broker & supplier of all kinds of non edible oil, spent earth, soapstock,sludge,acid oil,fatty acid etc.
1 Rating
Seller : Rajwani Associates
Sarfaraz Rajwani
Dhoraji - Gujarat
We are regular buyer & seller of spent earth in bulk quantity.
0 Rating
Seller : Khedut Solvexp Pvt. Ltd.
Ashish B. Talaviya
Rajkot - Gujarat
We have a Solvent Extraction Plant & Mfr. of deoiled cakes of Groundnut, Rapeseed and Cottonseed & Refined oils of Groundnut, Rapeseed and Cottonseed. And Trading of groundnut seeds, cottonseeds, soyabean deoiled cakes & soybean oil.
1 Rating
Bharat Nilakhe
Sangli - Maharashtra
Deals in Edible & Non Edible Oil. Oil Seeds, Oil Cake/ DOC etc.
0 Rating
Seller : Pasand Speciality Chemicals
Mr. Praful
Rajkot - Gujarat
Mfrs. of Washing Soap, Acid Oil & Raw Fatty Acid for Soap & Chemical Industries. Our Products range: Acid Oils,Raw Fatty Acid, Non Edible Oils, Castor Oil Derivatives, Industrial Soaps, Lubricants.
0 Rating
Seller : Deesan Agro-Tech Ltd.
Shri Ajay B. Pasari
Dhule - Maharashtra

Mfrs. of Edible Oil. Daily Processing Capacity For Oilcake-200 MT, Refinery-30 TPD.
0 Rating
Seller : Shree Balaji Oils
Shree Balaji Oils
Secundrabad - Andhra Pradesh

Traders Of Edible, Non-Edible Oils & Oil Cake.
0 Rating
Seller : Vishnu Agro Oil Products
Vishnu Agro Oil Products
Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh

Traders Of Edible, Non-Edible & Oil Cakes.
0 Rating
Seller : BCL Industries & Infrastructures Limited
Shri Rajinder Mittal
Bhatinda - Punjab

Mfrs. of Edible Oil. Daily Processing Capacity For Rice Bran-250 MT, Oilcake-300 MT, Refinery-100 TPD, Rice Mill-150 TPD, Vanaspati Plant-100 TPD, Oil Mill-100 TPD, Expander-200 TPD.
0 Rating
Seller : M/s. Raghav Oils
M/s. Raghav Oils
Agra - Uttar Pradesh
Wholeseller of edible oils and non edible oils.
0 Rating
Seller : Velani Oils Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi - Delhi
0 Rating
Seller : Jindal Enterprises
Anil Jindal
Delhi - Delhi
Trading of All Kinds of Non Edible Oil; Specialized in Castor Oil & Linseed Oil.
0 Rating
Mr. Anuj
Hissar - Haryana
Traders of Palm Fatty, Rice Fatty, Veg. Acid Oil, Rice Wax, Soap Stock, Gums, Caustic Soda, Soap Stone Powder, Silicate & all Types os Soap Oils.
0 Rating
Seller : Mahabir Techno Ltd.
Shri Om Prakash Khurana
Kurukshetra - Haryana
Mfrs. of Edible Oil. Daily Processing Capacity For Rice Bran-60 MT, Oilcake-90 MT, Refinery-25 TPD, Oil Mill-90 TPD, Vanaspati Plant-28 TPD.
0 Rating
Seller : South India Edible Oil Pvt. Ltd.
Shri Harmeet S. Khurana
Thiruvarur - Tamil Nadu
Mfrs. of Edible Oil. Daily Processing Capacity For Oilcake-300 MT, Oil Mill-300 TPD, Refinery-400 TPD, Vanaspati Plant-150 TPD. (Ball Copra, Copra Cake, Soyabean, Sunflower Cake & Rice Bran)
0 Rating
Seller : B.M Oils Pvt. Ltd.
Brij Mohan Agarwal
Delhi - Delhi

0 Rating
Seller : A.P Refinery Pvt. Ltd.
Shri Shiv Goyal
Ludhiana - Punjab
Mfrs. of Refined Rice Bran Oil, De-oiled Rice Bran. Daily Processing Capacity For Oilcake-400 MT, Refinery-75 TPD.
0 Rating
Kolkata - West Bengal
Mfrs. of Rice bran Oil, Mustard Oil, Oil Cake. & Buyer of Oil Seeds.
1 Rating
Seller : Shree Manglam Impex
Shree Manglam Impex
Jaipur - Rajasthan
Deals in Oil Cake, De-Oil, Oil & Vanaspati.
Deals in Oil Cake, De-Oil, Oil & Vanaspati.
0 Rating
Seller : M.R Oil Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Raj Kumar
Ghaziabad - Uttar Pradesh
Mfrs. of Neem Oil, Arandi Oil, Mahua Oil, Karanja Oil, Kussum Oil, Oil & DOC.
0 Rating
Mr. H P Goyal (Director)
Ghaziabad - Uttar Pradesh
Mfg. of Edible and non edible oil and cake.
0 Rating
Seller : Jayant Agro Organics Ltd.
Abhay V. Udeshi
Mumbai - Maharashtra
Jayant Agro-Organics Limited acquired a crushing unit from Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited located in Palanpur, Gujarat, in its 100% subsidiary, Ihsedu Agrochem Private Limited, This plant has a crushing capacity of 600 MT oil / Day and also have solvent extraction plant. The plant is located in Banaskantha which is one of the largest castor growing districts in Gujarat, Products manufactured are Castor Oil Commercial Grade, Castor Oil First Special Grade,Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade, Castor Oil Extra Pale Grade, Castor Oil Neutralised Grade, Castor Oil Pharma Grade. Notable is the fact that this unit also manufactures all high grade Castor Oils including Castor Oil Cold Pressed.
0 Rating
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